Early Start Experience

Through our Early Start Experience, you can take a liberal education course for credit before the start of the fall term. The?Early Start Experience is open to first-year students in all bachelor’s degree programs.

The course (LBED 1500 - The First-Year Experience: Mapping our Communities) has been developed to promote your success and ease your transition from high school to university, while giving you credit towards your degree. Liberal education teaches you how to think critically and become a global citizen.?

Quick Facts

Early Start Experience (ESE) promotes student success and to eases the transition from high school to university.

Deadline:??????????Applications will be accepted throughout the summer, as long as space remains.

Date:?? ????????????? August 24 to September 4, 2020

Cost:??????????????? Regular uLethbridge tuition fees for one course (that will count toward your?program requirement)

1.?Acceptance to the Early Start Experience?is conditional on being accepted to uLethbridge for the Fall 2020 term. ESE is open to students in all majors/programs.

2.?Registration |?You will be registered in Summer Session III for the course LBED 1500, as an Open Studies student. Complete the Open Studies application form (PDF) at?ulethbridge.ca/sites/ross/files/imported/forms/OpenStudiesRegForm.pdf?and select “Early Start” in the last section.

3.?What will it be like? |?The program will run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day, Monday to Friday, starting on the morning of Monday Aug. 24.? (Note: We will end early, probably 1 p.m., on the last Friday, Sept. 4)
But we are not expecting you to sit through lectures from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day for two weeks! There will be 2 to 3 hours of lecture per day most days, but that will be broken up and interspersed with lots of activities, tours, discussion time etc.

Questions? Please contact:

Dr. Shelly Wismath
Dean, School of Liberal Education???????
Phone: 403-329-2529

How to apply to the Early Start Experience

To be eligible for the Early Start Experience, you must have?already applied to the University of Lethbridge for the fall term. Then, complete the?Open Studies Registration Form?and in the section at the bottom, "I am registering in," select?Early Start,?and enter LBED 1500 under course subject and number.

Applications will be accepted throughout the summer, as long as space remains.

What you will learn and do

Early Start participants will:

  • Get a full course credit for a special enhanced version of LBED 1500,?The First Year Experience: Mapping our Communities.
  • Build social networks with a diverse group of incoming students.
  • Develop the skills & resources needed to be successful in university.
  • Be able to move into residence early

Activities include:

  • Library skills workshop on resources and research databases
  • Writing skills workshops Sessions on success and study skills
  • Tours of all parts of the campus
  • Guest lectures from some of our best uLethbridge profs
  • Small group meetings with a selection of professors, to discuss courses, research and jobs opportunities
  • Cross-campus Amazing Race
  • Volunteer opportunities in the community
About the course

LIB ED?1500 |?The First Year Experience: Mapping our Communities

A liberal education challenges boundaries and borders and helps establish connections between ideas and disciplines. University offers a variety of new communities —physical spaces, social relationships and academic communities. This course will introduce you to these communities and help you find your place. Using maps and the process of map-making as guiding metaphors, you will learn valuable social, cultural, and academic skills to help you succeed at uLethbridge.

This course will be based in a classroom, but you will spend a lot of time outside the classroom on tours and activities. Lecturers from diverse disciplines will introduce you to their research; you’ll engage with the academic community and develop connections to professors. Learn about the services and support available to support your success at university and beyond.


What Fall 2019 participants had to say about the Early Start Experience:

I feel much more comfortable making my way around campus, talking to the professors, and reaching out when I need help. I learned a lot about studying and writing papers.”

“I have a better understanding of the services at the uni; much more comfortable here; moving in early was great; feel more confident writing papers; met amazing friends.”?

“This program was exactly what I needed at this point in my life, and the immense knowledge and experience that was packed into these days will follow me throughout my university career – and further, I’m sure.”



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